‘Twas the Night Before //Build/

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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‘Twas the night before //Build/ and and all in thier beds, Microsoft fans eye’s were turned toward the web, Awaiting announcements, and great, big reveals, concerning Window’s Phone, XBox and things that might steal/ the show you know like Cortana and things – Like Microsoft’s platform for the Internet of Things, it looks to be good, it looks to be grand, especially since 8.1 will soon be in hand, April 10th, can’t wait ’till it hit’s the scene, but ’til then, hit a link and lets watch the live stream!

Well here we are folks. It is now only hours before Microsoft takes the wraps off of some of those tantalizing goodies users have been eagerly anticipating. //Build/, Microsofts Developers Conference, has become a forum where not only eager Microsoft developers wait with bated breath for the Redmond companies new and exciting developers tools, but also the stage to which millions of Microsoft, Windows, XBox and those ever faithful, persistently diligent Windows Phone enthusiasts, look for revelations regarding major developments and innovation regarding thier beloved platforms.

Build 2014 is surrounded with a special air of excitement because it is here where the vast overhaul to Microsoft’s innovative, Live Tile based, unique mobile UI, Windows Phone, will yield the floor to it’s vastly improved, feature rich, competitive and robust worthy successor Windows Phone 8.1. The incremental “.1” vastly understates the enormous leap forward Microsoft has made with this OS in regards to the modifications, improvements and added features. After viewing the deluge of leaked features, screenshot and videos since the release of the SDK several weeks ago, Windows Phone 9 seems a more fitting label. Check out my post Windows Phone 8.1- Building Toward Build for more details on those leaks. https://jltechword.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/windows-phone-8-1-what-do-you-expect/

Yes we are all excited about what Microsoft has to share regarding Windows Phone 8.1. Indeed Cortana’s debut can’t come too soon. Yet let us not forget that Microsoft’s Build Developers Conference is the companies platform to introduce a myriad of tools reflective of the companies broad strategy to offer services and solutions across a wide array of areas that advances Microsoft’s platform within the industry. It’s worth noting for all of the Windows Phones fans out there, that though many of the workshops are not directly associated with Windows Phone (indeed some are), they are addressing the larger ecosystem in which Windows Phone exists. Under the One Microsoft vision, cohesion and coordinated development across the various disciplines is critical to Microsoft’s continued success, growth and innovation in this dynamic and ever shifting industry.

Take a look at the following list of workshops those fortunate developers, news folk and enthusiasts who will be attending will get to partake in. Can you see how these developers workshops are bringing Microsoft technologies and devices and services together? How do you think Windows Phone fit’s into Microsoft’s larger vision? Do you have any concerns that Microsoft’s direction or efforts may not be enough to keep the company competitive in the face of other tech giants like Apple, Google and Samsung?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Share your observations in comments.

Also, don’t miss the live stream here!


BUILD 2014 Workshops
The Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA April 2 – 4, 2014

“Developers can create new experiences to reach hundreds of millions of devices on people’s desks, in their pockets and in their living rooms are only a click away. Join us at Build for an unprecedented learning opportunity for developers building on the Microsoft platform.”







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